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Mauricio Fernandez F. is a filmmaker, videographer and photographer. Mauricio has over 15 years of production experience in film, video and photography. 3 years of TV Direction, Production and production design. 

His love story with photography started at grade 9 when he joined the photography team for his school newspaper.

When it was time to decide which path he would follow in University he decided to continue with his passion but adding an extra talent, so he chose Film and Photography for his bachelor degree.

His talent let him land a job at the University even before he graduated at Corporacion Universitaria UNITEC where he progressed in many roles until he became part of the academic staff, as a senior film photography professor, but his desire for knowledge did not stop there and he decided study TV Direction & Production.

As his fame continued to grow in the industry, he was invited to be part of bigger and better projects. 


Mauricio has participated in numerous films as camera operator, sound recorder, video and film editor as well as lighting technician for film, photography and video; one of which was nominated for best Colombian film in the Pre-columbian Circle Gold  of the Bogota Film Festival and also participated in the Montreal World Film Festival.

 "THE INTRUDER"  1999 Montreal Film festival.

El Intruso (original title) Drama 90min. 

Mauricio Fernandez (camera operator, Film 35mm)

After he settled in Canada he decided to open his own company in 2010, where he could continue with his passion and AMACA PRODUCTIONS INC. was born.


Mauricio joined the team when he was introduced to the “Conectate con Nash el show” as co-producer and director, project which soon later became a reality and is eager to continue with it’s growth.

Mauricio Fernandez F. Founder.             Producer & Director Amaca Productions Inc.                                       Ph. 403 922 5601

Any video.  Any budget.  We can do it.